Sunday, September 6, 2009


The rain begins again; in this city, the fall is a time of subtle change and circumspection. I wrote this poem during a cold autumn about 12 years ago, yearning for something that I could not name or taste. Five years later I met him, and now find myself in the unimaginable position of having become engaged to him.

This poem was the first that we knew of each other.

With the laying on of hands
I give you
Everything I can
A tupence worth
Of affection
And pomegranate juice
With which
To wash
The winter down

Oh fair one
Oh fond one
Oh lover bright
Oh strong one

I would heal us
If I could
I would recite incantations to dark goddesses
I would light candles and gather flowers
I would breathe your name in like perfume
I would lay my hands over my womb
I would touch your hair
I would whisper ancient things
Out under my breath
And bring forth spring

With the laying on of hands
I give you
Something fragrant
And warm

- Chelsea Bell

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