Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicklit for the Massess (and the Knitters)

This weekend, instead of doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, or any number of domestic chores that I should have been doing, I indulged myself and read a couple of books that had been recommended to me by a good friend. The Friday Night Knitters Club by Kate Jacobs, and the follow up book, Knit Two, where certainly the antidote to the mental chaos I have been going through as the single mom of a tween girl.

These books chronicle the lives of a group of very diverse women who come together as a knitting club. I know, I know, stop yawning - I found the stories of these women to be extremely engaging, especially the relationship between a single mother and her daughter who is just entering teen-dom, and has her absentee dad show up out of the blue.

I connected with many of the characters in these books. I am very lucky to have some relationships in my life of the caliber that these women have with eachother. (You know who you are ladies and gentlemen.)

Apparently there are tons of book clubs that read this book, and I can totally see why. There are excellent discussion points for people who are interested in building relationships, and in growing their ability to be compassionate.

These books were a salve to my spirit this weekend. Oh, and they inspired me to get back to my knitting. Coming soon... fingerless gloves for typing on cold winter morning in my super cold house! Brrrr...

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