Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Single Minded Mommy

When my daughter was born, I found that my perspective shifted. Life became an adventure dedicated to the care and feeding of my bald little girl, and my opinions on many things in life altered radically. I think most new parents experience the single mindedness that comes with a new new child; suddenly the music you listen to becomes the music the baby listens to. The television you watch becomes the shows the child likes. The books you read become the books you read to your little one.

I drew this little sketch during nap time when my little girl was just 3 and a half months old, to the music of JP Harrison's Story Time, which has a song that was written just for her on it called '(Just Like a) Silver Bell'. If you have not yet heard JP's excellent childrens album and you have little ones, this gentle rag-time inspired album comes highly recommended. I love the 'Dream of a Tree'.

Wrapped in the soothing sounds of JP's guitar, I drew this picture.

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