Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Supplicant

Jupiter and Thetis by IngresThetis Ascending by Michael MallinThe Suplicant by Chelsea Bell

Often in my life I have found that art inspires art, and that the elements that are applicable to the life of the artist are what is brought out in their interpretation of the work. Ingres's original work, 'Jupiter and Thetis' depicts Thetis begging for the protection of her son Achilles from the all powerful Jupiter (another name for Zeus.). In Michael Mallin's painting, 'Thetis Ascending', Thetis tickles Zeus's beard, eye to eye with him as she appears to demand Achilles' safety.

My sketch was inspired by Micheal's painting, and is drawn from the perspective of Zeus. In my mind, Thetis is coming to him bare in supplication, trying to negotiate her son's safety at any cost. This sketch was also stylistically inspired by Michael's painting, although the perspective is my own.

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